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Got questions? here are some answers...


How many images do I need?

The more the better... In general a minimum of 500 are required but if you fall short we can add stock images and also convert the images you have provided to black and white thus doubling your amount (see pricing). To give you an Idea, our gallery images have all been rendered with the same 1600 tiles and in most cases just 80% have been used, you can add up to 3000. We can ensure 100% of your images are used but this may alter the visual outcome so we do communicate with you through the design process. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT INSPECT ALL YOUR IMAGES SO PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOU FILES PRIOR TO SENDING THEM TO US. YOU DO NOT NEED A "WHOOPSIE" 

Getting your images together to send us....

**We can assist in downloading your Facebook images, please contact for detail.** 

The easiest way we have found is to create a New Folder on any PC desktop and name it ("YOUR NAME"MOSAIC)  you can then download, drag and drop, upload all the images you wish to be included in your Mosaic. Using social media to gather images is a great way to obtain tile images, you can open yours or a friends photos on that persons profile page and usually just right click on an open image it and download it to the folder you created. Have friends and family get involved and have them send you images you can also add to the same folder. They will add up quickly! This way you can transfer the folder in one.

Background Choice

Within your folder of images you created find and identify your preferred background image/images which may be a good background choice or preference for your mosaic to be used and rename them as such BACKGROUND1, BACKGROUND2, 3, 4, and so on as this helps us assess what may look better and gives us greater options to ensure the visual outcome is as close to perfect as it can be. We will always endeavour to use your first choice. TIP: Profile image backgrounds render better from waist up.

Tile Images

How big are the tile images? They are between 14mm and 19mm once printed, the smaller the tile the greater the detail in your mosaic but all tile images are easily seen and each subject can be clearly noted with a naked eye. 

All our tile images are squares or round thus our program will take a rectangle image and crop that to the centre so if you have images where the subject is situated to the left or right you would be better to crop that portion of your image to a square prior to sending in your folder. (WE DO NOT CROP TO REQUEST DUE TO TIME TAKEN)

Transferring your images...

Once you have chosen and purchased your preferred mosaic size and options you will be sent an email with transfer link, it really is very easy to do and if others are contributing to your images you will be able to share that link with them too, you just need to ensure they use the same number we provide in that email we send you!

Special orders

Got something in mind? Yes we do special orders....

Usually we can design or organise anything consisting of Mosaic Images...

Don't be scared to ask as we are here to help. Use the CONTACT US PAGE