Transferring Your Photos with our WeTransfer account is so easy...

WeTransfer is one of the most used file-sharing solutions available and is extremely secure. Along with the simplicity of usage, WeTransfer lets you share large files of any photo format. With this service, you can share the files up to 20 GB over WeTransfer via our Photo Mosaics account at a time, which is way more than the most of the traditional email attachment size. The link to the transfer is available to be reached directly thru our site. Click the drop-down "MORE" and then click on "TRANSFER PHOTOS HERE" but only once you have made your purchase as we will need you to attach your invoice number into WeTransfers message section whilst transferring your photos which as an example looks like this Order: R775599916 and will be found on your invoice purchase statement. This assists in bringing your order and photos together at our end. 

Once you follow the link to transfer your photos;  

You should see a page that has the usual terms and stuff

Click the “I agree” if you wish to proceed, it’s all good!

Then you should be on a page just like the one on the left, our transfer page.

Click the blue circle button to add single images such as preferred backgrounds etc and/or the underlined OR SELECT A FOLDER to transfer a folder of images... Easy!

Our email should already be there

Then add your email in the space provided, the one you added with your purchase helps, the one your invoice was sent to.

Almost done...

In Message Section please add your invoice number firstly, always a good idea to copy and paste that.

Hit Transfer and let your files transfer. This can be time consuming dependant on the internet speed and size of file. It can take upwards of an hour in some instances where many images are sent but you don't need to watch it as it will show you your progress... Do not turn your computer off nor close the page until it has confirmed all items sent.

What next? We have a chat when it suits just to get a feel for what you are after and the desired end result and then usually within 24hrs you can see the first draft and again have a chat (we love talking)! We keep doing this til either we are exhausted or you are 100% happy prior to printing.

Like we have said before, any problems just give us an email or call via our "CONTACT US" page. We are here to help 7 days.